We defend the economical, environmental and social interests of our members, thus contributing to the wellbeing of Luxembourg’s economy.

Our mission has not changed : promoting the interests of the construction sector is our first and foremost goal. In an everchanging environment it is paramount to be open to innovation in materials, in processes and in further interests such as social responsibility.

  • Ongoing formation is of vital importance to allow the entrepreneurs of our sector to find qaulified manpower and to maintain a high level of working capacity.
  • Between social responsibility, circular flow economy and innovation, analysis and following legal procedure are essential focuses.
  • Informatical modelling, 3D printing, connected objects, using data to make building lots more efficient, surveillance drones, innovation and digitalisation are omnipresent and are still developing in the sector.
  • The upsurge in circular flow economy not only implies constructing with the preservation of the environment in mind but also preparing all the actors for waste management and recycling, adhering to normalised cycles.
  • We help our members to take social responisibility for their enterprise, such as concerning ethics and transparence, responsible employability or the reduction of environmental impact.
  • Last but not least, quality is the first ambition of the Groupement’s enterprises.